Scattering Ashes of a Loved One? New Ashes Mapping Service enables you to register, mark and memorialise the location

“Direct Cremations” have become the funeral of choice for more than 20% of deaths in the UK.

In difficult economic times they represent a cheaper option but also meet a different need where: fewer people attend because families are less connected; the old live longer so many friends and contemporaries are physically unable to attend; and many people just ‘do not want a fuss’.

A Direct Cremation takes place without a service at the crematorium and loved ones typically hold a ceremony to celebrate the deceased’s life around the scattering of their ashes. That might be in their garden, a park, or on a beach, or somewhere they walked regularly.

Typically the ashes scattering will take place at a spot much-loved and cherished by the deceased. For that reason families see ashes ceremonies as far more significant than that of attending a funeral at a crematorium

But how do you record and mark the occasion so the loved-one’s memory is not lost?

Until recently this has not been possible – but now a online new service, Ashes Register, located at has been created which enables loved ones to mark the place where the ashes were scattered.

The service is free and allows the user to add their loved ones name, life dates and an epitaph on a virtual gravestone. Should they wish they can pay £5.99 to upgrade to create a full memorial tribute with photographs, video music and memories – a lasting record of the loved one fully searchable and available for future generations in years to come.

“Since the Middle Ages we have been recording the locations where we have buried our dead” says Richard Martin who conceived and founded the Ashes Register project.

“But now most people scatter ashes not at the crematorium where the location can be marked, but in less formal locations.

“Ashes Register permits them to mark that location and to record the grave site for all time.”

Direct Cremation companies have been keen to get involved with market leader Pure Cremation an early adopter and a founding partner to the project:

Catherine Powell, co-founder of Pure Cremation said, “We are proud to sponsor this important project because it will allow grandchildren and great-grandchildren the opportunity to make remembrance visits to the places that mattered to their family.”

“Ashes Register permits loved ones to easily and precisely mark the location where they scattered their loved one” say Richard Martin. “Last resting places can be marked on land or on water – not just in the UKL but anywhere in the world.”

Do you want to remember a loved one? Mark their location on the map free of charge at 
Upgrade for to a full virtual memorial for a one-off payment of only £5.99.

Toby Doyle
Author: Toby Doyle

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