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Mark your loved one’s final resting place on the Ashes Register map: a complimentary service from Pure Cremation

Claim and update your free Ashes Register listing: includes name, life dates, and ashes location

Ashes Register Free Listing and Location Map Record

Your free listing enables you to map the locations of your cremated remains including storage interment or scatter site. The record you create is fully searchable. The free version of the register lists life information that might be found on a tombstone, including Name, Life-Dates, Key Locations and an Epitaph. A basic listing can be updated and upgraded to a ‘Memorial Tribute with Photographs’ for a one-off payment of £3.99

Upgrade listing to add Photographs, Life History and Family Information for only £3.99 (with coupon code)

Premium 'Memorial Tribute' with Photographs

A premium listing adds to the information provided on a free listing by enabling the user to add photographs, albums and other memories including text, video and sound recordings. People are able to leave tributes to the deceased and  view the book of remembrance and memorial wall for years to come. Information can be included which will provide a vital family history record for those that follow. 33% off with Pure Cremation Coupon Code.

It has been our honour to look after your loved one with a simple cremation service carried out by our dedicated team, with all the dignity and care that they deserve.

Now your ashes have been returned to you we offer a simple complimentary service which enables you to record your loved one’s passing.

The Ashes Register enables you to register and map your loved one’s cremated remains with their name, life dates and a simple epitaph. Your record will show the resting place for their ashes, whether they were scattered, kept by the family, interred or placed in a columbarium. Please take a few moments to record their change in location from Pure Cremation to you. Should your loved one’s location change and you decide to scatter or bury their ashes, you can update their record at any time.

This service is available free of charge for any cremation carried out by Pure Cremation, whether recently or in the past.

Should you wish, we offer the option to upgrade to a lasting Life Record and Memorial Tribute which enables you and others to add photographs, thoughts and tributes, documents, film and video to preserve the memory of your loved one for generations yet to come.

As a Pure customer a voucher — PUREASHES — can be applied at checkout which will entitle you to 33% reducing the price from £5.99 to only £3.99, a once only payment and we think a small price to pay to mark a loved one’s life.

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