Taoist – Yin-Yang Water Urn



Taoist – Yin-Yang – Biodegradable Water Urn

Taoist – Yin-Yang Water Urn. Made of a clay material with a vegetable gel bond. Designed to dissolve completely in water, a stylish design that is perfect for a your ashes. You can place the sealed urn directly into the the water. However the lid doesn’t?# have to be sealed, so you can pour the ashes directly onto the water then place the urn into the water too, if you prefer. The urns have holes in the bottom to allow water to enter quickly so that they gracefully sink when placed into water.

The famous Yin-Yang design with its wonderful symbolism is engraved into the lid.

The yin-yang symbol holds its roots in a Chinese religion and philosophy called Taoism/Daoism.

The yin, the dark swirl, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the trough of a wave; the yang, the light swirl, represents brightness, passion and growth. Both are needed to achieve a balance in life

Each urn comes with a biodegradable ashes bag, this makes transferring the ashes into the urn a little easier. It also comes with glue so that you can securely seal the urn.

Perfectly designed for a water burial in the sea, a lake or river.


Height – 26cm,

Width – 18cm

Volume – 3.2 litres / 200 cubic inches

If you would like to ensure your privacy whilst scattering on water why not hire a boat? We can recommend boats throughout the nation who can carry out a water ceremony in privacy and complete dignity.

Yin Yang Water Urn Biodegradable water urn

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