Planting a memorial tree with Ashes: Living Memorial



Planting a memorial tree with ashes: become a tree when you die

Return to Nature : Living Memorial

Is created to:

  • allow people to create a successful living memorial to their loved ones;
  • become a tree, bush or shrub when you die
  • reduce the environmental harm that can be caused by cremation ashes.

These kits contain a carefully formulated, 100% organic material that, when mixed with cremated ashes, creates a nutrient-rich, perfect environment for trees, plants and shrubs.

100% Bio-degradable

It is the only product on the market that is scientifically proven to be totally effective, and it is incredibly simple to use. We think it is Brilliant!

What’s in the kit?

  • 1 biodegradable cardboard container
  • 1 bag containing the soil organic mixture
  • Mixing directions for burial or planting

This Living Memorial kit is ideal for:

  • Bushes
  • Perennials
  • Sapling trees
  • Ground plantings
  • Potted plantings

How it Works:

Each Kit contains a specific quantity of organic compound which is a soil enhancer (similar to a compost) which, when mixed with cremation ash, creates a nutrient-rich soil that will promote plant growth.

Using it is as simple as mixing the ash with the product and then planting out as normal.

It is like a compost or soil enhancer.

The Living Memorial kit contains the correct amount of the Soil for the cremated remains of a single person, Along with a simple set of instructions for how to use the kit depending on whether you are planting in the ground or in a pot.

The process is incredibly easy to follow. Once mixed it can be used immediately for planting.

Based on the scientific research our partners have performed we are confident that our kits will be 100% effective if the instructions are followed.

Why can’t I use normal soil or compost?

The two main problems that prevent plants from flourishing when in contact with cremation ashes are the high pH and the high sodium content of the remains. This product is specifically formulated to balance the pH and reduce the effect of the sodium.

As the cremated remains are broken down more of the beneficial nutrients locked inside are released allowing the growing plant to flourish.

Scattering Ashes

Can be used for scattering, but not straight away, you will need to thoroughly mix the ashes and the soil with the product and leave the mixture for 90-120 days.


This product promotes biodiversity at all levels of an ecosystem, from microbe to mammal.

It really is a revolutionary organic medium for driving the recycling of several elements that are absolutely crucial for life on our planet.

Prof. David Carter Chaminade University of Honolulu

This product is awesome, the best thing of its type by a country mile by a long-shot, we love it!

Richard Martin Director at Scattering Ashes

Planting a memorial tree with ashes:?become a tree when you die

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