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Opportunities for Crematoriums

Earn additional revenue from an ethical much-loved product

Become an Ashes Register Partner and receive 33% commission on referrals;

  • Free ‘Wishes for Ashes’ promotion;
  • Promotional listing for your crematorium on every listing you refer;
  • Automatically generate a memorial products page on your listings;
  • “Life from Ashes” – new ethical and green memorial tree product available for your site;
  • Become associated with our “Scatter Legally, Scatter Responsibly” campaign


Opportunities for Funeral Directors

Convert your costly ashes cupboard to cash by partnering with us

Become an Ashes Register Partner and receive 33% commission on referrals;

  • Free ‘Wishes for Ashes’ promotion;
  • Your advertisement free on every listing you generate
  • We will help you convert your ashes to ethical and legal scatterings or our “Life from Ashes” Memorial Trees — and pay you commission on every sale we make;
  • You can optionally charge a service fee to your customer is assisting in the ashes scattering process.

Opportunities for Landowners

Create a Profitable Memorial Trees and Woodlands Enterprise

Use Ashes Register’s Expertise to make create profitable memorial woodland on under-utilised land:

  • Very low outlay and no planning permission required;
  • Green product “Life from Ashes, creates fertile soil from cremated remains;
  • Ready customer base in your area with booking leads provided;
  • Exceptionally high margins


Opportunities for Sports & Arts Venues

Permit fans to show their eternal support: Make your venue their final resting place

Low intervention system fits existing construction, from small units to ones containing up to 900 ashes sets

  • Highly profitable and always greatly welcomed by lifelong supporters: your venue as their final resting place;
  • Attractive, aesthetically pleasing, robust, low maintenance construction can be free-standing or backed against existing walls;
  • Available as self-managed option, fully managed service or combination;

Business Opportunities

We welcome approaches with business propositions, sales opportunities and ideas for cooperation. If you have something you wish to discuss with us send an email in the first instance to where it will receive our prompt attention.

We have also outlined some particular opportunities below where we already have systems in place for cooperation with various groups. Please refer to each section for basic information and onward links to detailed information and contact forms.

Sales, Marketing and Affiliate Opportunities

Referral/Affiliate Scheme





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