Mr Tajinder Singh Chhatwal : born 03 March 1978 – died 03 February 2023

Name: Tajinder Singh Chhatwal
Date of Birth: 03 March 1978
Place of Birth: Hillingdon Hospital
Date of Death: 03 February 2023
Place of Death: Hillingdon Hospital
Funeral Date:
Date of Scattering or Interring: 18 March 2023
Status of ashes: Ashes Scattering
Place of Scattering: Barry Ave, Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom, SL4 1QX
Information: We scattered the ashes in the river at Windsor Promenade. We chose this location as it is a beautiful place and somewhere we can visit locally to all the family.
Eulogy or Obituary:

Tajinder Singh Chhatwal was born in Hillingdon and grew up in Southall. He was lovingly called Nobbie by his family and also as Taj by many. Taj had 1 older brother (Robbie) and 1 younger sister (Jemma). They were very close in age and were close growing up. They shared many memories together playing outside on the green, their dad taking them swimming every Sundays at Gurnells, watching tv and films together and just generally being together as siblings do.
Taj attended Villiers High School, as did his brother and sister. He then went onto to do a mechanics course at Acton college. He left college and shortly started working at the airport as a security officer. This was where he met his wife Munnaza; they got married on 23 September 2006 and had a beautiful son Arya in 2016.
Taj was a man who loved his roots music, he had a real passion and a very impressive vinyl collection. He loved playing his music very loud and did not care if any one got upset by it LOL.
If there was an award for stubbornness, Taj would definitely win. He was very much a what you see is what you get kind of person and if he did not like someone, he would make it clearly known. He also had another side which was funny, blunt and caring in his own right. He was a simple man, who loved his little beautiful family; his wife Munnaza and his beautiful boy Arya.

Taj is and always will be dearly missed by all his family; his beloved wife and darling son, his parents, his brother and sister and his nephews. The void he has left in our hearts could never be filled, but we will find comfort knowing that you will always be watching over us.

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