Mr Philip Henry Perry : born 30 July 1936 – died 23 April 2024

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Name: Philip Henry Perry
Date of Birth: 30 July 1936
Place of Birth: Newport, South Wales
Date of Death: 23 April 2024
Place of Death: Cardiff
Funeral Date:
Date of Scattering or Interring: 13 June 2024
Status of ashes: Ashes Burial
Place of Scattering: The Church of St. Peter, St. Paul and St. John, Llantrisant, Usk, Monmouthsire, Usk, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom, NP15 1LG
Information: Buried with his wife's ashes in the grave of her parents
Eulogy or Obituary:

Phil was born 30th
July 1936 in Liswerry Newport. He was raised Church of England, he was a choir boy at St. Andrews and always kept his faith. He always enjoyed his sport, played football for Lysaght’s in his teens and early twenties. After he completed his apprenticeship at ysaght’s Steel Works as a carpenter/Joiner and gained some experience. He sought his fortune out in the big wide world. His ambition was to work for himself, and build his own house. He set out with his mate Desi Watkins as a jobbing carpenter to gain experience.
Ambition drove him on to start a larger company with Brian Lewis which they called Newport Demolition and Construction. In 1970 he split with Brian and achieved his second goal to build his own property, he did this with his new partner Ron Chadd, they built the two
bungalows opposite this church. As they were laying blocks the heavens opened and it started hammering down with rain, Ron uggested they call it a day and go home. Phil said no way, I came prepared, he stripped off his clothes to reveal swimming trunks.
So there he was trunks and boots building in the rain. Next day Ron also came prepared. Nothing was going to stop him. This was the start of CP Construction. They built factories, houses, pubs, and extensions. They worked on many churches, this one included, several times over the years. The first job on this church they were replacing the roof on the tower. The wind picked up as they were winching up a sheet of plywood with an electric hoist, the ply acted as a sail and blew out horizontally. The scaffold tube the hoist was attached to started to bend, Phil was pressing the button frantically trying to drop the ply down. Luckily the wind died down. In his 30’s Phil’s love of sport took him to Llanwern Golf Club which became one of his passions for the next 50 years.
In 1980 he built an indoor swimming pool in the back garden. Then as the grand children came along he liked nothing better than playing with them in the pool, then getting the barbecue going. Phil’s life was predominately about work, he created several
successful successful business’s, he built a lovely home in a wonderful village, but he still found time for family. He loved spending time with his grand children. He enjoyed the social side of golf, the 19th hole. This took him on many trips around the country and over to Ireland on several occasions. He enjoyed a game of darts in the local pub, over the years he was part of teams in four different pubs, Cards was another of his past times, he played cribbage at the Greyhound, he also played for the team. Phil loved this church he attended for the 47 years he lived in the village. Along with Sandy he was Church Warden for many years. He was part of the local choir, who would perform at Christmas time in pubs around Usk and the Greyhound, Of course with a couple of pints at the end.

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