Mr Bernard Williams : born 22 September 1949 – died 17 July 2016

Name: Bernard Williams
Date of Birth: 22 September 1949
Place of Birth: Bentham
Date of Death: 17 July 2016
Place of Death: Home
Funeral Date:
Date of Scattering or Interring: 22 September 2023
Status of ashes: Scattering on Water or at Sea
Place of Scattering: Back of Wyre Light, Fleetwood, Lancashire, United Kingdom, FY7 6HF
Eulogy or Obituary:

We didn’t just have a husband and a Dad, we had a superhero who we miss dearly. After spending much of his life in the Merchant Navy, we wanted to scatter Bernard’s ashes at sea so he could keep a watch on all the boats. Bernard was the most wonderful person to have in our lives – kind, caring, selfless and always good fun to be around. He loved the family dogs and he loved being in the outdoors, exploring new walks and places to get lost! A talented engineer by trade, Bernard would be able to fix most things, or at least give it a go, and in his own words if anything ever went wrong – “it’ll be reyt!”. Bernard, Dad….you left a huge hole in our hearts when you had to go, but everyday we live trying to make you proud – you were one in a million. We miss you, Elaine and Louise xxxx

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