A Legal Last Resting Place for your loved one’s cremated remains: ‘Mark Their Life’ with a Commemorative Tree
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Many people choose their loved one’s favourite location to scatter their ashes. This is legal – providing you have the landowner’s permission – but as ashes are highly alkaline in their untreated state many councils, park authorities and landowners do not allow ashes to be scattered on their land.

Many people scatter anyway and do not bother to seek permission but this will cause unsightly surface damage to their loved-one’s much loved site. Rather than break the law and cause damage why not create a place where you can properly celebrate your loved one’s life:

Choose a beautiful, enduring and legal way to ‘Mark Their Life’ by growing a Commemorative Tree from their Cremated Remains

Whether you want to plant a tree in your garden at home or to secure permission for a park, remembrance site or private land or Estate, our professional Commemorative Tree team can provide all the assistance you need: including securing the Landowner’s and necessary legal permission, providing the tree and full support, including supplying the only growing medium that will ensure your tree will flourish when growing a tree from your loved-one’s cremated remains.

Memorial Tree Booking Service: We arrange planting a tree to mark your loved-one's passing at their favourite location, whether council park, riverside walk or private estate

Our team can secure fully legal permission for a memorial tree and ashes planting on almost any UK site!

Your Commemorative tree at your loved one’s favourite location. We liaise with the landowner and local authority to secure the correct permissions for your tree memorial at your favourite location. Whether you want to Mark a Life in your garden at home or that of a loved one, or you have a preferred location on private land, council land, in a Country Park or on a Private Estate, our ‘Mark a Life’ team will work to secure legal consent with all the legal paperwork for a commemorative tree to be planted and grow from your loved-one’s ashes on almost any UK site

There is no charge if we cannot secure your preferred location

Choose from:

  • metropolitan and urban parks and gardens
  • country parks and estates
  • heritage sites including English Heritage and Natural Trust sites
  • farms and rural land
  • waterside locations

Other Legal Ashes Options

  • the Crematorium where the cremation took place will provide free ashes scattering facilities;
  • if this is not nearby and you wish to use a more convenient remembrance setting most crematoriums and many cemeteries (and a very few natural burial grounds) will permit scatterings for a fee (known as an ashes from elsewhere scattering) but there is almost always a fee (£60-£100 is typical). There are usually special locations for this and you will not normally be permitted to scatter ashes on another loved-one’s grave. However a crematorium will normally try to facilitate the scatter taking place in an area where a previous loved-one was scattered;
  • Most Crematoriums and Natural Burial Grounds will permit ashes burial, but this is relatively expensive;
  • There are a number of barrow and columbarium facilities which allow ashes storage.

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