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Listing a Commercial Scattering site on Ashes Register costs £25 a year and brings a number of additional benefits including optional lead generation (at additional cost). But going further and creating specialist memorial tree lines, borders, copses and woodland can generate far more revenue at very low cost with no need for planning permission in most cases and Ashes Register can provide all the resources you need to get started (see below).

Register a Commercial Ashes Scattering Site (for £25) After registering we will contact you to discuss further opportunities. For full details of how it works and to book an initial free consultation check out our Become A Commercial Scattering Site information page.


Why register an ashes site and who should register

As a landowner you may be already providing a scattering site to people who scatter without permission or paying a fee. Typically most scatters are currently non-commercial. People turn up and scatter without permission causing severe damage to the surface, plants and wildlife (ashes are highly alkaline and will kill or severely damage grass and most plants in their untreated form).

The Ashes Register can help you to turn scattering on your land into a commercial opportunity by assisting you to create planted memorial sites of trees and borders which connect you in the best way possible to your local community or fan network, are demonstrably ‘green’ and which can be highly profitable.

In most cases the enterprise is easily managed, requires minimal outlay, is self policing and does not require planning permission.

Many types of sites are suitable for commercial scattering including:

  • sporting and entertainments venues with a membership or fanbase;
  • country estates, country parks and farms, or any land with some public access (eg footpaths);
  • urban parks or squares;
  • foreshores and riversides;
  • historic locations and battlegrounds;
  • locations with public footpaths or where permissive access can be granted.

We also can list and map precise scattering sites at

  • cemeteries and graveyards (in use or historic);
  • crematoriums and memorial grounds;
  • natural burial grounds;

For full details of how it works and to book an initial free consultation:
check out our Become A Commercial Scattering Site information page.

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