Ashes Register For Funeral Professionals

Register your ashes with Ashes Register for no up-front costs and begin to earn money from your ashes, old and new.

Free sign up; 33% money off coupon for every customer that upgrades and 33% commission for you: register as an affiliate now!

New Cremations

Use our system to automatically register all your new cremations with Ashes Register and never have an Ashes Cupboard problem again.

Listings with Ashes Register are free and our referral service gives a 33% money off voucher to customers and pays 33% commission on every upgrade we sell.


Historic Ashes and Data

Ashes Register’s Ashes Finder service reunites lost ashes with lost loved ones easing your storage costs and earning you revenue.

We actively seek to locate relatives and encourage them to collect their ashes and scatter them resolving your “Ashes Cupboard” problem and generating you revenue at the same time.

Even when Ashes have long been collected your customer may wish to add their loved one to Ashes Register and record their life.

Offer your historic customers a free entry in the Ashes Register and a 33% off voucher if they upgrade to a Memorial Listing and we will pay you commission on every sale.

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You earn revenue from any listing which upgrades to premium

It’s free to sign-up!

  • Ashes Register generates revenue from new bookings and historic cremations;
  • Our fully-GDPR-compliant systems ensure a trouble-free system after setup;
  • Easy upgrade path automatically tracks and pays your commissions;
  • Our memorial options generate additional fees for you from scattering and innovative memorial options;

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