The Ashes Register: Marking and commemorating the last resting place of your loved-one's cremated remains

Basic Register

Create a free virtual grave-marker showing your loved-one's name. life-dates and last resting place

what's included

Lasting Memory

Add photographs, tributes and book of remembrance: a loving commemoration of a loved one's life

what's included


map shows only the last 30 listings added – use search to find a specific name or location

Record Scattered Ashes

Record a location where you have scattered your loved-one’s ashes so generations to come can find them for all time.
Add and create a memory wall to which others can add tributes and information. Optionally collect funds for charity or cherished causes.

Funeral Director or Crematorium? Learn how Ashes Register can work for you

Learn how Ashes Register reunites ashes with appreciative customers

Mark Their Life with a Commemorative Tree

Liaison with Landowner for any UK Location

Whether you want to plant at home or secure permission for remembrance in a park, remembrance site or on private land, our professional team will secure your wishes.

Sports and Arts Fandom Scatterings

Sports and Arts Fandom Scatterings

Scattering may not be welcome on your loved one’s ‘hallowed turf’. But we can arrange for fans to be scattered at locations especially dedicated to demonstrate their eternal everlasting support…

Unusual Scattering Options

Unusual Scattering Options

Venture ‘beyond’ the usual with our bespoke scattering options. Scatter at sea; shoot ashes into the sky with a specially designed rocket; or launch ‘celestially’ from a balloon journeying to the edge of space…

What the Scatter? It's In Our Store

What the Scatter? It's In Our Store

It’s a garden memorial (if you hadn’t guessed). Our Online Store also specialises in ‘All Things Scatter’ from specialist urns to personal memorial jewellery to full kits for ceremonies and celebrations on land or at sea.

Share family history and last-resting-place locations for generations to come


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